How to spy WhatsApp without them knowing

Way to spy WhatsApp without them knowing

One hand where the phone tracking software technology has extended to greater extent, on the other face, it is unfortunately become tough for one to get the best tracking solution. During internet surfing, one might go through numbers of options that support the spying wish but falls in selecting the right one. But the thing that we fail recognizing is own desirability. Until and unless we are familiar with the problems, we won’t be able to get the best companion.

Way to spy WhatsApp without them knowing

Way to spy WhatsApp without them knowing

So you are well known about the spying reason. Do you want to spy on calls and text messages or multimedia files? Whatever the reason is the answer is one and only that is AppTracker. Whether tired of kid’s behavior or is getting irritated due to unexpected behavior of a spouse, everything is easily done with this AppTracker.

Here are the ways to spy on WhatsApp without them knowing

  • Spying remotely installation without phone touching- If looking for the secured way of tracking then this will perfectly suit your needs. In this way, you need to get the app installed on own device and make a call to the suspect. Soon the call is placed the code will be generated whether the call is answered or not. This code will link up both devices and you can begin spying the phone completely.
  • Spying by installation on the suspect phone- In this technique, a hacker has to take a greater risk as the tool is to be installed on the target phone. Just download and install the AppTracker on the target phone and hide app in the application section. Once done with that you need not have to touch the phone as spying will be done via remotely.

Unlike other spying application, AppTracker will create a suitable platform for you wherein you need not have to pass through device jailbreaking nor device rooting. All that you need to do is buy the wizard and install the app directly on the target phone or remotely. Now you will get the confirmation mail after done with the process of app installation and all details them will be sent to the device immediately. Fully spied data backup can also be kept at the control panel of the wizard that can be accessed easily by the hacker at any time and from anywhere.

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Is AppTracker best WhatsApp spying app

Is AppTracker best WhatsApp tracker

Is AppTracker best WhatsApp tracker

Yes, AppTracker is doubtlessly the best mobile phone tracking tool that effectively spies on WhatsApp of a person. Here are the services mentioned that this app is providing-

  • Let you know about WhatsApp conversationsWith the help of AppTracker all the conversations can be detected easily whether incoming or outgoing. The conversations details like date/time; sender/receiver etc will be spied easily. All the information on the app control panel is stored.
  • WhatsApp contacts spy- All the WhatsApp contacts saved will be tracked with photo, name, number, about, etc. If a hacker wants the contact can be blocked easily.
  • View multimedia files- The app will let a user to know about the WhatsApp shared and received multimedia files. All the shared images, videos, photos, and audios will be tracked.
  • Track calls- All the calling that is made over WhatsApp will be spied. The calls including conference calls, video calls, and audio calls will be easily tracked.

More features of the app

  • Manage and record call information AppTracker allows you in knowing about the complete call details and helps a hacker to view all call logs. Even the calls are deleted; still, those with full details can be seen easily from the control panel.
  • Spying on offline and online texts The tool not only does the recording and detecting of WhatsApp text but the normal one and of other IM apps as well.
  • Monitoring the real-time location If in case parents are worried about the kid’s activities and when you are not closer to them, using apptracker is the right choice for you. It will surely let you know about the real-time location of the app with time, date, etc. Also, the geo-fencing feature can be used.
  • Tracking internet usage With AppTracker the internet usability can be tracked fully so that all the details can be known by the hacker. It will let the hacker know what sites are headed into and content downloaded.

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More features

  • Undetectable
  • Compatible
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Free trial
  • Key logger
  • Accuracy in result


This was all about WhatsApp spying from another device. To know more you may take the help of link and know more all you want.