View Photos and Images

View Photos and Images

Learn how to Capture photos and images using AppTracker

Do you want to monitor the images and photos of the target person saved in his/her device? Yes, it is 100% possible and easier for one to undergo tracking of the multimedia files available in the target person phone with the help of a reliable and highly effective spy tool.  There are many applications that let you track cell phone completely without facing any troubles and see all the photos and videos you want. No doubt with the best spy tool a tracker can monitor the gallery of the target person, view all the images and get the thumbnails.

Learn how to Capture photos and images using AppTracker

Now you might be thinking that yes tracking of multimedia files can be done easily but which tracker should I use. Here is the right answer; you can definitely make use of a tracking tool that is AppTracker.  It is a highly effective and efficient tracking tool that allows a user to fully track on cell phone actions completely. The best thing about this tracker is that no matter whether all the activities are deleted or not, it is still capable of tracking everything accurately in details.  So get the app now and start tracking the phone of the target and see all that you want.

Why use AppTracker

  • No rooting- A hacker need not have to undergo the rooting of the android phone to use the app and the device warranty will stay intact.
  • As a parent- A parent can make use of the tracking tool for monitoring the photos and images and see with whom they are in touch. This will help you in keeping the children against the disrespectful content.
  • As an employer- An employer can do the monitoring of the gallery of the employee and will ensure the safety of the business against the threats.
  • As a spouse- A spouse can also see the photos of wife or husband and ensure that whether he or she is not in an affair with another person.

How to access this application

  • Register- At first you need to do the registration for the free image and photos tracking account with the help of authorized email address and password.
  • Install and set up the app- Now you need to download and install the AppTracker in your as well as in target person mobile phone and provide it all the necessary permission.
  • Start tracking via remotely- A user of the tracker needs to login to the admin panel and get access to the photos and images to feature for viewing all those to view the multimedia files.

Download AppTracker at:

Some features of the app

  • Text message tracker This feature allows a user to get access all sent/received/deleted messages.
  • Call logs tracker All the calls are tracked using this app whether incoming, outgoing, etc.
  • Social media sites activities tracking- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc apps activities are tracked fully.
  • WhatsApp Tracking Chats, shared multimedia files, call logs, status updates traced

Why use it

  • Undetectable
  • Easy to use
  • Accuracy in result
  • Compatible
  • Works on all networks


This is how the app can be accessed and view all the multimedia files stored in the target phone.