Track New Contacts

Best way to track new contacts using AppTracker

Most of the working parents buy a cell phone for their kids so that they can know their whereabouts and call them whenever needed. They ask them to save some of the important contact numbers which they can use anytime whenever needed. But, when kids get indulge with new people outside or on social networking sites they share their contact numbers with them so that regardless of talking on social sites they can talk on call.

Best way to track new contacts using AppTracker

They share their contact number with them so that their parents won’t come to know that their kid is online or busy chatting with a stranger. But, you as you cannot predict danger; therefore, you cannot predict the person with whom you are sharing the contact is good or bad. If you have a single doubt that your kid is talking to someone on call as you know there are only a few contacts which they can use in an emergency. So in this case, you should track their phone and know which all contacts are recently added in the contact list.

How to track new contacts logs using AppTracker

As we are talking about tracking applications, then I would like to tell you that there is a new application developed that will help you in tracking the newly added contact to your kid’s phone without them knowing and that is AppTracker. This newly developed tracking application has lots of amazing and interesting features which will help you track down all the activities as well as details like-

  • The name of the new contact added
  • The number of new contacts
  • The date at which the contact was added

You can easily know which all these things with this single yet all-in-one app without the target person knowing. You can to simply open the official website of AppTracker through the given link ( Once you have opened the website, agree to all the terms and conditions and start downloading the app on the target device as well as your device.

You can download AppTracker at:

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you have to start creating a new account using the valid email id and password. Now log in to the account through your device and get access to the control panel available. The control panel will help you know and view all the activities that are performed by the target person on his or her device. Moreover, you can know which all contacts are recently added to the contact book of your kid’s device.


If they are talking to someone to whom you are not at all aware of then you can view the time, date and call duration. The application is easy to use and it does not require the user to have any special skills and knowledge. You just have to follow the steps properly and you can easily view all the details of the target device without them knowing. There are many other features also provided by this app which will help you in tracking down other activities of the suspect without them knowing.

So, get the application installed on a suspect’s device and track new contacts now!