History of Sites Visited

History of Sites Visited

How to track History of sites visited using AppTracker

It is a well-known fact that having a mobile phone with the fastest internet connection is a sign of royalty and something considered rich. Since cell phone cost low and telecommunication companies have lowered the prices, user can easily afford it. The technology has brought a revolution and has brought incredible applications like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. However, this has raised certain issues like what the kid does on the internet. It would be difficult to find it because the kid will not hand it over to the parent. In this regard, a powerful and eye-catching application has taken birth.

How to track History of sites visited using AppTracker
How to track History of sites visited using AppTracker

The app tracker allows you to peep into someone’s web browsing history. With the assistance of the AppTracker, the user will be able to view browser history, track internet browsing and view internet history. The app tracker offers a user accessible control panel with hundreds of features as well as an interactive interface. It is able to break the phone password through the usage of the advanced techniques. It is compatible with phones like iPhone, android, etc.  It doesn’t require any of the computer skills. You are thus able to unlock the phone and get to read all the messages send or received on the kid’s cell phone.

What all can be seen through it

You can-

  • Look through the sites that the suspect have visited once
  • See all the URL that got visited by the suspect
  • Figure out how many time he or she has visited a particular site
  • Get all the date and time stamps related to the site
  • Visit the URL that has been uploaded on the control panel
  • You thus able to access the browsing history anywhere and anytime

These are some of the things you will be able to see and get when you make use of the app tracker.

Benefits of AppTracker to the users

The benefits that a user will get from the app tracker are mentioned below-

  1. Monitor kid activities- the parents can make use of the advanced features offered by the AppTracker, thus helps in monitoring activities of the kid. You will be able to get information from sources like browsing history, GPS location, and call logs. It can be achieved at a higher speed with no interference.
  2. Find the misplaced phone– if you have lost the smartphone or misplaced it, then you can make use of the AppTracker and find the lost cell phone. Using the AppTracker, you can easily figure out the location of the misplaced or lost phone.
  3. Keep away cyber crimes– nowadays cyber crimes have reached their peak. Popular sites bait content and your kid can fall anytime. With the help of AppTracker, one can easily block all the irrelevant sites.

You can download as well as install the AppTracker in various ways however the most preferred way is to use the link below. The link will allow fast downloading and installation of the application on the cell phone.

Download AppTracker at:

Just login and start spying over the suspect history of internet.