3 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone

3 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone

Facebook is the only social media with the highest number of users. The network of users is so strong that it gives tough competition to Google. It is a perfect platform to stay in touch with your friends and know what’s going on in their life.

However, you need to keep your account private and accept the friend request of the people that you personally know. Talking to strangers or making new friends without really knowing them can be quite dangerous.

You don’t know who that person is behind the screen. They can be a blackmailer, a sex offender, a child pornographer, or a criminal. The chances of that person being genuine are very slim.

You should put your life at risk. Unfortunately, lots of children seem to do just that. The fact is that they do not understand the implication of the risk.

If they talk to such people, their entire life can be at risk. These people are nasty. They will not think twice before spoiling their life. Being a parent, you need to talk to your kids and explain to them the importance of online safety.

To be on the safer side, you can even spy on them secretly to ensure they are not using Facebook carelessly. There are many ways you can use to spy on Facebook.

Spy on Facebook
Spy on Facebook

3 Ways to Spy on Facebook

To spy on Facebook, you need to use a method that is discreet and safe. Spy apps are the best option to do so. These apps help you to spy on Facebook on the phone. So if they are using Facebook on their phone, you will naturally get all the information.

However, you need to download it on the phone. If they are using an android phone, then downloading is compulsory. But if they are using an iPhone, you can use their cloud account credentials to spy.



It is an amazing spy app which contains a plethora of spy features. One such feature is Facebook spy. If you want to spy on Facebook, this option will help you. You will get all the information about the messages, media, and other activities.

It is compatible with all the devices except blackberry and windows. This app is totally safe and discreet. You can keep your identity hidden from your kids. They will never know about it.

To use this app, you have to follow the simple setup process. The android phone requires download and installation. On the iPhone, you can use cloud account credentials.

After the setup, you need to sign up for an account. This will be your spying account. Whenever you want to spy on Facebook, you can log in and start spying.

You need to use the Facebook Spy option from all the features to get details about Facebook activities.

You can download TheTruthSpy to spy on Facebook at



SpyApp is another popular spy app. You can use this app to spy on your kid’s Facebook. This app is easy to use and discreet. Your kids will be unaware of the spying.

It is compatible with various types of phones. You can use it for spying on all the latest phones. In order to spy, you have to set up the app.

To set up the app in android, you need to download it. To set up the app on the iPhone, you can use your kid’s cloud credentials. Before setup, you need to create your account.

Once all the things are taken care of, you can log in and select the Facebook Spy option to get all the details.

You can download SpyApp to spy on Facebook at



AppTracker is a tracking app that is widely used by parents and employers. It is a trustworthy app that is legal and safe to use. This app makes spying a lot easier.

If you want to spy on Facebook, this app is perfect. You can use various spy features along with Facebook spy. First, you need to set up the app. Follow the same setup process as TheTruthSpy.


After that, you can simply choose the Facebook Tracker option to receive all the details. You will be able to read the messages, check the media, and spy on other Facebook activities.

Steps to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone

Steps to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone
Steps to Spy on Facebook Messages without The Phone

These are the steps you can follow to spy on Facebook messages.

Step 1: Download Facebook Spy APK File

Firstly you have to make sure that the app you are using is legal and approved to use. Then you will have to download this app from the AppTracke official website which has a link to download, or you can do it by downloading it from whichever is available.

Step 2: Install

After downloading, you have to install the app from your phone setting and grant the app all the permission it asks for so that the app works smoothly without any interruption in breaking through the security.

Step 3: Register

Then you will have to register yourself on the AppTracker official website using a valid email ID and password.

Step 4: Log in

Then you will have to login into the app at using the registered email ID and password.

Step 5: Facebook spy

After setting up the app in the main menu of the app, you will choose the Facebook Spy option which will give you all the information about what the target has been doing regularly on Facebook.

Why need Spy on Facebook

Why need Spy on Facebook
Why need Spy on Facebook

Here are the useful features of Facebook spying.

Read conversations

By using this feature of the Truthspy app, you can easily access the database and see which message has been sent or received by the target and also which messages have been deleted by the target so that no one sees it.

Check multimedia

By using this feature, you can access the database and see what media files have been exchanging between the two regularly, and also you can view the photos, videos, and also audio files that have been sent or received by the target to someone.

Get information

In this feature, you can clearly access the database and see the information about the other person. By using this feature, we can get information about the other person.

Such as his/her name, username, address, mobile number, and also other information provided on the Facebook app.

Date and time

By using this feature, you can easily access the database of Facebook. In addition, see the date from which the target and the other person have been friends. Moreover, from when have they been chatting.

It will also show you the time on which the messages are sent or received and will also tell if they are on a daily basis or not.


These are the steps to download and use the Facebook Spy app on the phone and also the feature of the Facebook Spy. You can use any of these three ways to spy on Facebook. All of these methods are effective and safe.

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