SMS Commands

SMS Commands

Use the SMS Commands using AppTracker

The mobile tracking application such as AppTracker allows the users to remotely control all the activities of the suspect through sending SMS. You can easily track your kid, spouse or employee activities via this SMS command feature. The AppTracker is the most popular and renowned application present in the Google play store. You can visit the easy to hit the link and get it online.

Use the SMS Commands using AppTracker
Use the SMS Commands using AppTracker

What did it offer

  • Online dashboard- you just log in and read the entire list of messages, places visited, websites visited, call logs, audios, pics, videos, call recording, and all updated things using the dashboard.
  • Remote control- using the remote controlling option you can monitor the activities easily. You will be able to change the pin. You will be able to remotely receive the pics, send a request for data uploading.
  • Anti-theft solution- you will receive alerts if anyone tries to hack your spy account and tries to unlock the cell phone. Get the location and picture of the thief in real time.

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Why you should pick AppTracker

  • Uninstall protection- the app tracker is absolutely undetectable on your device. This means the suspect will never know about your activities.
  • Contacts- the contact feature allow the user to get all the phone numbers, email id and names.
  • Calls and SMS logs you will receive a list of all the SMS/calls made or send from the suspect cell phone
  • Audio/video– through this feature you will be able to record video and audio. It also allows you to view all the activities online
  • Locations– the location features allow you to visit place 10 minutes before the event.
  • Photos and videos- through this feature you are able to see all videos and photos present on the target cell phone
  • Browse history– the browse history feature allows you to monitor kid’s web activity
  • Remotely control all the sites– this feature enables you to control the activities remotely
  • Get info by delivering SMS– you can send an SMS over the target cell phone so as to get the call info and location

What’s the process

  1. Download app- the app tracker can be easily downloaded and installed on your cell phone from GOOGLE PLAY. Thus this makes the process of spying much faster. Hit net
  2. Register the app- You need to open up the application and register for the app using the email ID and strong password. You can register with various devices with similar email ID
  3. Login dashboard– you can easily log in your dashboard and start monitoring the device. before you do so, you can send an SMS so as to get all the details from the suspect cell phone
  4. Execute remote commands- one can easily execute remote commands and pull all the records that would be pushed to the server.


The user first has to download and install the application and then log in for using the features. The features include GPS location tracking, Call tracking, multimedia file tracking, and other things too. The app has served millions of people and you too can be benefited by it.