Phone Call Recording

Phone Call Recording

How to do call recording using AppTracker

AppTracker gives a hacker full ability to remotely all the phone calls that are both made and received from the target phone. With the help of this tracker spying on call and recording calls are possible. A user using this tracker can do the recording of the outgoing and incoming phone calls. Also, a hacker does the recording of the calls that are made and from a particular number.

How to do call recording using AppTracker
How to do call recording using AppTracker

All the call recordings are uploaded at the online dashboard of the AppTracker that can be accessed from anywhere with the access of internet connection. You can do the downloading of the recording on the device from which the spying is done directly from the online dashboard.

Why the need for call recorder is essential

Why the need for call recorder is essential
Why the need for call recorder is essential

If you want to know that what all talking are going on the phone and what chatting is going on then you must head into the target phone. The reason might be you want to know what all activities your child is doing and with whom the conversation is going on. You might get scared at a time that are your children talking or not to any stranger that could harm the child and that could result in ruining the life.

All such worries are eating the head. Not only this but the spouse due to doubt on the activities of partner lead them to spy on their device. Where your partner is fed up as he or she might be acting that he or she isn’t happy with you, it will be simply wastage of time. So with the access of spy call recorder, you can easily listen to all the call recorded or whenever the calls are made or are received. This will help you in clarifying the doubts and ensure that nothing wrong is going on.

To get the details of those you need to login to the AppTracker user account and get all the call recording that is made from or received at the target person device.

How to download the AppTracker

  • Configuration- At the time of downloading of the app ensures that the target person device is having a net connection. Also, ensure that the target device is set to allow the installation of non-market applications. Just go to the setting and enable the unknown source option. Also, turn off the device and through Google setting check the security threats.
  • Downloading- Now download the app into the victim device from the site of the app. After completing the downloading ensure to open up the notification window and install the app.
  • Register for a user account- It is one of the most important things that you need to register for a user account by hitting on the register option. If in case you have registered on the control panel already then hit on login at any time and from anywhere to login and then join the phone to the user account.
  • Use the trial pack- Now you can make use of a trial pack that is offered to you for 48 hours. If you are happy using the app you can move towards the purchase plan and buy it. After that, you can do the monitoring of the cellular activities of the target person.

Download AppTracker at:

Features of the app

  • Calls Tracking All call logs that are made or received will be completely spied with fill details like date, time, location and call make/receiver.
  • SMS Tracking The SMS will be spied that is sent/received. Even if the SMS is deleted those will be spied with full info that includes the date, time, location of the SMS.
  • GPS location tracking The real-time location and previous location of the target person will be spied and all whereabouts will be shared on the control panel of the app.
  • Calls recording With the help of this feature all the calls recording will be done easily. All dialed and received calls recording will be done and available at the app control panel. That is recorded in high quality so every spoken work can listen carefully.


AppTracker a call recorder app is one of the best spy tools that definitely help you in doing the monitoring of all the cell phone actions done at the phone. This spyware will definitely record all the phone calls. Also, the location of the target person can be known. Through the internet accessibility, all the data of the target person will be easily accessed. Just get the strong internet connection on the device and spy continually without missing anything.  Doubtlessly this app is the best tracking tool that is reliable and provides you accurate details.