How to spy on someone’s Instagram without touching their cell phone

Learn Way to spy on someone’s Instagram account without touching their phone

Are you looking for different ways to spy on someone’s Instagram account without touching their cell phone? Before answering this question we would like to mention some important things about Instagram. Instagram is a widely used and popular application that is used to share pics, videos and with help of Instagram direct, you can send messages too.

Learn Way to spy on someone's Instagram account without touching their phone

Learn Way to spy on someone’s Instagram account without touching their phone

It is an amazing platform to carry out different social activities with amazing filters and features. But today many people are misusing this platform.  Peoples are sharing irrelevant content that is not good for kids. Because of these peoples, Instagram is unsafe for kids.

As a parent, you should look over your children Instagram account. You can easily monitor your kid’s activities with some of the best spy applications.

Here you will know about the AppTracker to spy on someone Instagram account remotely. Let’s move on to the spy app!

Today, you can find tons of spy applications that claim to offer a good platform so as to good perform hacking activities.

About AppTracker

About AppTracker

About AppTracker

  • It holds some of the amazing features compared to other spying applications. It is usually utilized in a high tech device monitoring system that is powerful and capable of recording almost everything that is happening on the target phone.
  • The basic feature of AppTracker is you got all access on activities going on the Instagram account of the target person. The AppTracker records and stores information straightaway from the suspect Instagram account and send it to the remote device. This data may include videos and images that got shared on the account activity of the target person. You get separate control on target person Instagram account and record it for later viewing.
  • Besides, from recorded data, you get details such as name, email, and number of target person along with followed peoples.
  • Can you imagine all these could be done without touching the target phone only in a few minutes? Yes, it is true! Below are the steps to use AppTracker application.

Steps to use AppTracker application

This Instagram spy app can be used on all operating systems such as IOS and android. In order to monitor someone Instagram account, follow some instruction mentioned below:

Step 1- create an account

Initially, you have to create an account on AppTracker via its official site – next, you have to fill up credentials like email address and password. After signup, you have to confirm your email by verification link sent it to your email address.

Step 2- Enter credentials

Now set-up wizard will pop-up in your screen. Now you have to fill details about the target devices owner. If the target device is iphone then you just have to verify icloud id and password and after verification, you are all done. For the android users, they need their devices to be rooted and then follow the remaining process.

Step 3- spy Instagram

After the completion of this process, you can monitor someone’s Instagram account via your phone dashboard. Click on Instagram spy for further proceeding.

Other features of AppTracker

  1. Alerts and notifications- when your target person performs any activity on their phone you will get a notification alert in your phone. All activities performed on the target person are getting recorded on the control panel so it can be viewed later. When the device is locked or it is running, you still get notifications and alerts on your control panel. In this way, there is no chance you will miss any information.
  2. GPS tracker– it is one of the most important features offered by AppTracker till date compared to any kind of spy application available on the market. You can track target person GPS location and see where they are going. You can constantly follow the real-time location on maps and mark it.
  3. Watch internet activities– you can access how much time the target person is spending on the internet as well as you can trace the sites by these features. Moreover, it is best for parents they can check whether their kids are studying or surfing videos. Internet is full of good and bad things, it is best to keep away your kid by using this feature of AppTracker. You can view anytime the activities of target person once you spied it. Also you can restrict any site if you think it is irrelevant.


The AppTracker has a number of features and benefits that can be accessed anytime no matter what is the place and what is the time. Visit the official site of AppTracker – AppTracker.NET and get one.