How to hack someone’s cell phone messages for free

How to hack someone’s cell phone messages for free

How to hack someone's cell phone messages for free

How to hack someone's cell phone messages for free

Way to hack someone’s phone messages for free

Yes, the title that you have read above right! How to hack someone’s text messages without having their device for free has become possible because of technology growth. It is rare to find the one who is not using Smartphone like android or iOS or windows that are all best known to have unlimited capabilities that are having installed many applications available on play store or internet.

Way to hack someone's phone messages for free

Way to hack someone’s phone messages for free

The cell phone spying process on a person’s text message can be challenging as well as enlightening. The act of spying on one’s text message can really put partner or children on the line. Spying provides a hacker ability to peek into individual daily life activities that are covered by him or her. In case you are having the reason why not to trust on other in your life then spying the text message from a cell phone might be the only way of finding out more about target person life and what they are actually up to.

The process of spying is including remote downloading of any text messages on one’s mobile phone through the internet. The gateway of hacker will be the mobile number of the target person. It is mandated for one to get the correct mobile numbers of the target person. It is appropriate that the victim can be connected to the internet preferably through Wi-Fi connection as data isn’t always stable.

Which app one should use and how to use

AppTracker This app offers the hacker latest and advanced high tech choice for hacking or monitoring the cell phone of the target person. Anyone can make use of this hacking tool after the app is installed into your cell phone and target device as well. Through this app, a hacker can easily keep a full eye on the target person cellular behaviors.

Once the app is installed successfully on your device, you will easily be able to spy on all the activities that are conducted by the target throughout the day. A hacker can see messages, call logs, internet history activities, GPS Location tracking remotely without moving right from one place to another following the target. No matters how much farther you are from the target person, you can easily see all activities on a constant basis.

Look how it works

The technology that is used in the app sounds to be complicated but the actual process is a lot easier as compared to the other technology. AppTracker is compatible with all platforms that include Android, iOS, etc.

If a user of the app agrees to all the terms and conditions after that installation of the app on the device with the proper setting will be a lot easier.

Step 1

Download the application on your phone from the official site for monitoring purpose. At the time of app downloading process make sure that you enable the option of the unknown source from the setting option that let you install the app easily. Remember that the app has to be installed in both user of the app and suspect mobile phone.

Step 2

Now you need to sign up for creating a user account. Fill in all the essential details like username, password so that the account be successfully created.

Step 3

Provide all details of the target person phone to the app when asked so that both the device could get paired.

Step 4

Now Login in to the account using the same details that were previously used for creating app user’s account. Now move towards the online dashboard and from there you can spy on text messages completely.

Features of the app

  • GPS location trackingThis feature is added to the AppTracker so that real-time location of the target person can be checked. This will let a hacker know whereabouts of the suspect and see whether he or she is telling lie or not.
  • Text message tracking All the text messages that are either sent or received normally on phone or through the various instant messaging app will be hacked completely. Even the deleted messages will be spied completely with details like date, time, content and sender/receiver details.
  • Calls tracking The call logs will be hacked completely regardless of made calls or received calls and even deleted call logs will be hacked fully with date, time, details of call maker/receiver.
  • Key logger This feature is designed for hacking all typed keystrokes on the target phone and also to figure out the password of various social accounts.


If you are happy with the details of the app and feel that this will definitely help you in getting all that you want they use it freely and get all you are aiming for hacking.

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