3 Ways to Hack A Mobile Phone without Knowing

There was a time when hacking was done only by professional hackers and agents. But now the concept of hacking has changed.

Anybody can easily become a hacker. You don’t need any skills or knowledge to become a hacker.

All you need to do is use a hacking app. There are many different types of hacking apps in the market.

You will find plenty of hacking apps on the internet. These apps are simple and easy, like other mobile apps. You can use these apps to hack any type of mobile phone.

The best thing about using a hacking app is that it is undetectable. If you use these apps, nobody will come to know about it. These apps are discreet and safe.

Phone Hacking Apps

Hack A Mobile Phone
Hack A Mobile Phone

If you want to hack a mobile phone, you can use hacking apps. These apps help you to check all the things on the phone.


Most parents use hacking apps to monitor their kids. Teenagers are reluctant about showing their phones to their parents. So to know what they are doing, parents use hacking apps.

Employers also use hacking apps so that they can track and monitor their employees. It not only helps them to maintain discipline but to increase employee productivity as well.

Mobile hacking apps are safe to use. Contrary to popular belief, these apps are legal as well. There are some people who can use this app for a genuine cause.

Three Ways to Hack A Mobile Phone

Hacking a mobile phone has become very easy these days. You will find n number of ways by which you can easily hack a phone. While some ways are easy and simple, others are difficult and complicated.

Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack
Brute Force Attack

This is the oldest method of hacking a phone. When there was no technology, people used to rely on this method. Even though this method is old, it can still work. The success of this method depends on your guessing and spying abilities. In simple words, brute force attack means guessing the passwords of the phone to unlock it and hack it. Nowadays, people are using difficult passwords, so the success rate is quite low. However, you can easily take advantage of the vulnerabilities. To use this method, you need to check the passwords and security system of the phone. People can use a fingerprint lock, face lock, passwords, pin, or patters. You need to find out what type of lock they are using.

After that, you need to secretly spy on their passwords. Stay close to them so that you can see what passwords they are entering. Once you know the passwords, you can use them to unlock the phone and hack it. The drawback of this method is that you will get limited time to check the phone.

You can learn more about Brute-force attack at



You can also use this method of hacking. It is a very popular phone spying app. However, this app acts as a spying as well as a hacking app. You can use it to hack a phone. Unlike the first method, this method is easy and has a huge success rate. Most people use this app to hack a phone. It is simple and easy to use. This app is discreet, so the chances of getting caught are pretty slim. As it is an application, you need to download and install it on the phone. You have to register with this app first. It is like the normal registration process. You need to fill in some details and will get an ID and Password in return.

After that, you need to install the app on the phone. If the phone you are hacking is android, you need to install it inside the phone. If the phone you are hacking is the iPhone, you can use the website to connect it with iCloud. After that, you can log in to the account and hack the phone.

You can download TheTruthSpy to hack a phone at



As the name goes, AppTracker is a phone tracking app, but you can use it for hacking a phone as well. It is not really popular but contains decent hacking features. This app is easy to use. It is undetectable. You will not get caught while using it. It will mask your identity. Many people use this app for hacking phones. You need to register with the app to create your ID and Passwords. After that comes the installation process. Once you complete the process, you can use the app for hacking the phone.


You can use it for hacking iPhone and android phones. It comes with a variety of hacking features. It will help you to hack the calling and messaging functions on the phone. You will be able to hack the calls and messages. You can also use it for hacking social media and other functions of the phone.

Steps to Hack A Phone

Steps to Hack A Phone
Steps to Hack A Phone

Follow the 3 easy steps below to hack a cell phone in real-time.

Step 1: Download Phone Hacking APK File

You can download Phone Hacking APK at Install it on the target device.

Step 2: Register Account

Register your account include email/password. Hide the app.

Step 3: Hack A Phone

Log in to to view all phone data such as GPS, SMS, Call.

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