Free SMS Tracker

Free SMS Tracker

Know about Free SMS Tracker using AppTracker

Text messaging is the extensively used feature that is providing to the users in their Smartphone. There was a time when phones were used mainly for making the calls to another person. Calling asks full involvement of a person with another one on the cell phone.  Today due to time shortage and a busy schedule, the usage of it has minimized. Moreover, the calls are replaced by text messaging.  Through the text messages, a user can easily send unlimited messages to the other person with considering the costing factor. On the other hand international calls that are involving a huge cost factor that is difficult to afford, texting messaging is a reliable option.

Know about Free SMS Tracker using AppTracker

As the text messaging is important for all to let the life run smoother, on the other side it is highly harmful. The craze of text messaging is expanding with the development of the internet and people are always noticed using their device in family functions, get together with a friend and even while walking or driving vehicle. However, risking life for chatting is not at all asked by the phone.

Coming to the important point of how one can track the SMS or text message is the question whose answer is still not known by many people. The only best way to track it is by using tracking application. Using spy tool is the best way that helps a user in hacking the cell phone easily and completely.

AppTracker – Best Free SMS Tracker App

AppTracker – Best Free SMS Tracker App

The tool that you can use is AppTracker for tracking SMS in a cell phone. Such a tool is working very effectively in tracking on a person’s device and acquires the data correctly without facing any issues. The developers of the tool have developed it in such a way that it 100% guarantees success and it works in the background of the device. Another best quality of the app is that it can be used for free.

The parents, spouse, employer, friend, whosoever is having doubt on their target can use it and figure out all text messages from the target phone.

In order to use the app in a simple possible way, you need to follow some steps that are discussed below-

  • Step 1: downloading and installation of the app At first a hacker needs to download and install the application into own phone and in target person device. Before you begin with this process, make user that you check the internet connection in both the device so it may easily and faster get downloaded. A hacker can take the help of the mentioned URL address for app installation. But before you install app make sure to enable the option of the unknown source so that app can be installed in both devices.
  • Step 2: creating a user account- Now creates a user account using valid email address and password that you will be later used for login into the user account. Now Login to the user account with those credentials used for creating account to continue spying.
  • Step 3: track on SMS- Now through the online dashboard you need to spy on the SMS or text messages. You just have to hit on the option of SMS Spy and from there you will get access to all the text messages that are sent and received by the target person.

What all text messages details are tracked by AppTracker

The AppTracker is the app that is capable enough of tracking whole text messages completely. The thing that it tracks is listed below-

  • Tracks SMS content- All the SMS content will be traced by the AppTracker completely and accurately. This will clear all the existing doubts that a hacker is having in his or her mind.
  • Track SMS contact info- The details of sender/receiver will be traced by the app and this will help in finding that with whom the target person is talking.
  • Tracks SMS other info- All the details of the SMS like date, time, location will be traced by the spy tool easily.

What more features are offered by the app

The AppTracker is having many features to offer that helps in tracking cell phone completely. The features offered by the app is including-

  • GPS location tracking The GPS location will be traced by the app of the target and its phone.
  • Calls Tracking All the calls whether incoming/outgoing will be traced by the app.
  • Multimedia files spy All the multimedia files including videos, photos will be easily spied.
  • IM Apps chats spy- All IM App chats will be spied by the app.


Get the app now and spy on SMS of target and ensure the safety of relationship, children and business.