Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger using AppTracker – a guide for you

Many valid and acceptable reasons are there that why the keyloggers are in need and are used by the numbers of people globally. For example, some people are using it for targeting the device of others. This is because they would like to see the cellular activities on the device conducted by the target person and get the data accurately. The acquired data will be greatly useful in revealing many things and will act in the form of a time management tool. This feature of spy tool can be used by anyone like spouse, parents, and friend to spy on their respective ones. This is used to figure out whether the dearest one is truthful or not toward you.

Free Keylogger using AppTracker – a guide for you

Reasons for using this app

  • Protecting children from cyber criminals
  • Keeping full control over employees
  • Blocking and locating the stolen or lost device
  • Viewing the cellular activities of the spouse

Now you have understood the reason for using the keylogger feature. But now you might be thinking that how can you get the best tool that is having this feature. There are many spy tools available on the internet and picking anyone randomly without any proper knowledge will surely be harmful to you. Also, it can be corruptible and malicious. So, it becomes essential for you to do thorough research on the internet and then choose the right spyware having this amazing feature.

Understanding the value of time of yours we are directly sharing the valuable information about the right spy tool that you need to know. No doubt the spyware about which we are going to share detail in this article will be a lot helpful to you in discovering all that you want. In order to use the keylogger feature, you must have to download and install the app in own and target person device. You are just required to fill in the details like username and mobile phone operating system.

After you finish up with the process of downloading and installation you need to log in and then use a control panel that is having several monitoring features. Those can be used as per own desires and needs.

AppTracker – The best tool for spying on target phone through keylogger function

AppTracker - The best tool for spying on target phone through keylogger function
AppTracker – The best tool for spying on target phone through keylogger function

The increased use of this spyware has made this tracker a very popular app among the spouse, employers, and parents. AppTracker is developed with the main aim of monitoring and solving all sorts of issues between partner and catch cheating partner and also to spy on employees cellular activities while being in the office etc. It is one of the best spying solutions for the parents that are involved in the job and is not having time to look after the children and know them fully.

The children living abroad can be easily monitored by the parents and know whether the children are safer in another nation or not. Monitoring the activities of the children on their phone will easily reveal all about them without missing anything important. Parents will also come to know whom the children are talking and what type of talks are going on etc. Also, the password of all installed social networking app will be tracked easily.

How to use keylogger function

Here are a few simple steps that are listed in this article below that you must follow to get access to this feature in a better way-

  • Download and install- Do this from the official website using URL address in both yours as well as into the target person device. But make sure that you enable the option of the unknown source to let the app get easily installed. Once the app is downloaded into the target phone, you need to hide the app icon to stay untraced. To get access to the app you can get it from the official site directly using URL address:
  • Setting up user account- In order to set up the user account you must sign up. To sign up you have to make use of email address and password. Once the account is created you must log in using the same details that are used for creating the user account.
  • Use keylogger feature- Now moves to the wizard control panel and hit on the keylogger feature. Through this, you can read out the text messages and discover the password of all social networking apps used by the target.

Features of the app


Now with the keylogger function of AppTracker, you can easily discover all that you want. Install and use the app now and ensure safety completely.