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Wanna track someone’s location? Use Free GPS Tracker of AppTracker

Have you ever felt that your kid is lying to you and rather than going to the coaching classes, is bunking the classes? Most of the parents will answer no because they trust their kids more than anything, but sometimes what seems true is not true. When your kid behaves innocent, of course, every parent will trust their kid. But when the same kid without behaving innocent bunk classes, gets addicted to drugs and alcohol then it actually hurts.

Use Free GPS Tracker of AppTracker
Use Free GPS Tracker of AppTracker

The statement won’t apply to kids and parents only but to spouses also who trust their partners and even to employers and employees also. When your spouse plans for dinner and his or her partner every gives the same statement that he or she is busy in a meeting then it eventually after sometimes irritates you and creates a distance between you and your partner’s relationship.

Sometimes even employees lie to their employer that they are in traffic or sick, therefore, they won’t be able to come to office today. But, when the same thing happens more than 2-4 times, it becomes important to track their location.

So, whether you are a parent, spouse or employer it does not matter if you want to know where your loved ones are and you want to track the device location then using Free GPS tracker of AppTracker is the best option. Seems quite interesting isn’t? If you also wanna know about this unique location tracker app then read the complete article.

About AppTracker

About AppTracker
About AppTracker

There are a lot of applications available online when you surf online, but as you cannot trust every application and they may or may not provide you all the features that this application can provide. This application is developed and designed especially for tracking the location of the person wherever he or she is at present. Whenever there is a movement in the device you will be able to see it and track it in real time.

The application is quite easy to use and simple. It offers its users numerous benefits and features that no other app can provide. Along with the location tracking feature, you will get many other features also that will help you get all the information about the target device. In addition to this, the application is undetectable and compatible with all devices.

To use the free GPS tracker of this app, you have to do only a few things that are mentioned below-

  • Visit the official website
  • Agree to all the terms and conditions
  • Download and install the app on suspect’s device
  • Create a new account with valid email id and password
  • Get access to the application’s online control panel
  • Start tracking the real-time location

By following these few simple and easy steps you can easily track the location of a person without him or her knowing. Now, whenever your kid goes out for coaching or any other place you can easily monitor their past and present time location.

Spouses who have doubt on their partners can track the location and get the details of their whereabouts. Now if your spouse is lying to you, you can instantly catch them red-handed without them knowing. Along with this, if your employee rather than attending an important meeting is moving around or hanging out with friends then you can monitor their location and take strict action against them.

On the other hand, if we talk about other features there are several interesting features this application offers which make it one of the best tracking apps online.

Other features of AppTracker

All these features will help you know all the details of the suspect. You can easily read out all the messages and calls with accurate time and date stamp. You can even track the passwords that are used by the suspect person on his or her phone with the help of keylogger feature. On the other hand, the instant call recording feature will help you record all the conversations that are done between the suspect device and another person.


The application is simple and easy to install. You just have to visit the app website where you will get all the information about this application in detail. So without wasting time or thinking much install the app now and start tracking suspect’s location using free GPS tracker of AppTracker.