Free Control Panel

Free Control Panel

How to use Free Control Panel using AppTracker

One of the most effective and user-friendly interfaces offered to the users is the Control panel. The control panel basically is efficiently developed so as to assist the user in staying touch with the target device. Here, we are going to talk about Free Control Panel using AppTracker. The application is widely been used worldwide and has many benefits.

How to use Free Control Panel using AppTracker

What can be monitored

Log in is the basic requirement of the online account. You can easily monitor all the information from the target control panel. The panel thus allows one to send and receive commands, view data, and control features. The control panel offers several setting options that are available to the user so as to customize the panel. The user can easily access it through the laptop or PC. With extensive research and design of the interface, the free control panel becomes one of the most effective monitoring tools.

Following points supports the usage of the application

  • It has an attractive dashboard
  • It helps in finding the top calling numbers
  • It allows one to know the frequently visited sites
  • It tells about the application usage
  • It has a mobile-friendly interface
  • It offers options that allow one to view the activities
  • It offers summary and search options

How does the app work

When the application is installed it takes device backup information from the target cell phone. It is then uploaded instantly to user spying account for monitoring.

Why one should make use of the free control panel using the app tracker?

  • As a parent- parents who want to know the whereabouts of the kids can make use of the application. They will be able to monitor suspect device information using the free control panel. Without any hassle, the monitoring can be free and easy.
  • As an employer- it happens often that employers have little doubts on employees and this can be cleared through a free app tracker. The employer can monitor the activities of the employees remotely.
  • As a spouse- relationship could experience hurt at some point in time. However you can catch the cheating spouse through the usage of the app tracker.

Get instant registration online

Given below is a guide that tells you how one can easily install and download the application on their cell phone-

  • Register FREE account– first of all, you are supposed to register for a free account. You just require login credentials like valid id and password. This all can be done by visiting the official site (
  • Set up and install the app– app tracker can be easily set up through installation and downloading process. The user has to offer all the necessary permissions required to have the tool.
  • Start tracking remotely- once both the steps are completed you got to move on to the start tracking remotely an option. Here you are able to spy the calls, Facebook account, and other things as well.

You can download AppTracker at:

Features of the AppTracker

Given below are the popular features

  • Call monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Multimedia file tracking
  • Location tracking

For more info, visit the site mentioned above.