Free Call Tracker

Free Call Tracker

Free call tracker using AppTracker

Do you often get the phone calls from the strangers? You refrain from receiving the calls as you might get stuck up with the one who you don’t want to communicate. Well, why don’t you track the incoming calls in order to know who is calling and disturbing you? The call logs tracker allows a hacker to track all the calls that you receive from different people and also the location from where the call is made. It is not only useful in keeping track on strangers but also keep a full eye on spouse, employees and children activities.

Free call tracker using AppTracker

How the call tracker helps the tracker

Sometimes, your kids are lying you about the place they are about to go. This could take them to the place where they should not be. If you are doubtful about letting your kids move out by own and also you are having fear regarding their safety then you should make use of the call tracking tool. In this way, you will be getting the details about their geographical location and feel good to keep eye on those digitally.

The best call tracking tool records following details

  • The caller geographical location
  • Number of the caller
  • Call summaries

In many cases, the calls are also recorded for the purpose of safety. You as a hacker can easily hear all the calls using the call tracker app.

AppTracker – Best app can I use for tracking call logs

AppTracker – Best app can I use for tracking call logs

This is one of the most common questions that are asked by most of the people that are willing to track the calls for some specific reason. As there are many calls trackers available that are good at own place but still you want the best one that can be greatly effective in fulfilling the call spying desires.  Researching is important but this will take your time. To help you out we have come up with the best call tracker and that is AppTracker.

AppTracker is one of the best spying tools that not only tracks the call logs but is also capable enough at spying on other cellular activities. The reason why this tracker is highly preferred is because of trustworthiness, working in hidden mode. The good reviews from the users have increased the worth of this call tracker and more and more user is using this tracker for spying on the target cell phone. The effective work ability has made this tracker reliable option as it works faster and gives an accurate result.

How this tool can be used

To use this tracker we have listed few easy to follow steps, just follow it as per the instructions are given below.

  • Downloading the application At first, you need to head into the official website\ of the app and download the app from there. At the same site, you will see the sign-up and login option. You need to create a user account using a valid email address and password. While downloading the app you need to agree and accept all the terms of the app.
  • Setting in the device- When you install the app in your device and in target device you need to make sure to do some settings in both the phone. Go to the setting into the phone and from there you need to enable the option of an unknown source. This will allow the app to get easily install in both the devices.
  • Monitor the cell phone activities Login to the user account using the details that you had used for creating a user account. From the online control panel, you can spy on all the cellular activities. To spy on call logs, you must hit on the option of call logs spy and from there you can spy on all the phone call activities.

Application features

  • Calls Tracker This is what for which this tracker is developed. AppTracker is easily able to track all call logs that include incoming calls, outgoing calls, deleted calls, etc. Also other details like date, time, and location call maker/receiver info details.
  • SMS Tracking All the text messages are spied whether it is sent/ received normally or on instant messaging applications (WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber).
  • GPS location Tracking The location of the target person will be tracked so that a hacker can find out the real-time location of the target. Whereabouts of the person will be spied and shared on the app control panel.
  • Multimedia files spy All multimedia files like videos, photos, etc will be spied completely.


This app is having more innovative features and a greater level of security. So you can get the app installed and start tracking.