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Facebook Tracker

Facebook Tracker using AppTracker – best Facebook tracking app

When you start making friends whether you are making it in the real world or virtual world like on Facebook, you start trusting them and share your personal details with them. This case mostly happens with the teenager kids who do not know which person is right to talk with on Facebook. They share all the personal details with their Facebook friends, share pictures, videos and more without knowing whether the person to whom they are talking is right or wrong. According to some research, it was found that 90% of the cyberbullying cases worldwide where kids share all their details with the strangers where kids are blackmailed for money.

Facebook Tracker using AppTracker - best Facebook tracking app
Facebook Tracker using AppTracker – best Facebook tracking app

It usually happens with kids whose parents work and leave their kids at home alone all day long. Thus, kids find people with whom they can interact and share things and of course, Facebook is one of the best sites where you can find millions of active users to talk with. If your kid is also indulged in chatting with people on Facebook and keeps a password which he or she does not share with you then you must start tracking their Facebook account.

But, the question is how you can track Facebook account without knowing the suspect’s username and password. Therefore to help you get an answer for all your questions we are here with this article that will help you know about the most innovative application that is AppTracker in detail. So, let’s get started and get in deep to know more about this app.

Why choose AppTracker

Why choose AppTracker
Why choose AppTracker

You might have heard news where people hack other person’s Facebook account but this application is completely different from those hacking techniques. It is like a monitoring and tracking application that help parents, spouses and employers to know what their loved ones do on their Facebook account. It even helps them know what type of pictures they post, to whom they talk and who all are their friends. All these things are easily known to this app.

The application does not require any special technique to use; it is available with a subscription that you can choose as per your choice and usage. Along with this, you will be provided with a demo version where you can learn how to use this app and its features.

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Features offered by AppTracker

  • GPS location tracker– this is one of the best features parents can get as it helps them to track the real-time location of their kid’s device. In just a few minutes you can know where a kid or partner is. This feature is used many people as you can catch the suspect red-handed.
  • Social media monitoring- as we are talking about Facebook tracking, so the feature is related to this only where you can monitor not only Facebook but other social media sites and applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and more.
  • Instant call recording– when you are in need to listen to what the next person is talking on call then you can use this feature. The feature enables users to instantly record all the conversations done between the suspect and another person on call.
  • Keylogger– today, kids are so smart that they keep a security password on their phone as well as social media sites they use. If you want to know the passwords then keylogger is a great tool. It keystrokes all the keys that are typed by the target person and you can easily see them on the control panel available with this app. hence, you will be able to access suspect’s activity and social media sites and apps.

All these features will easily help you know about what your kids are doing on their Facebook account. But, to use the Facebook tracker of this app, you need to first access target device in your hands. Now open the browser and visit the official website through the link ( provided. Once you reach the official website read all the terms and conditions stated on the website.

If you are satisfied with the policies then agree to it and start downloading and installing the app on the target device. After this, you have to make an account using email id and password. Make sure the id and password are unique and easy to remember. Now you can get access to the online control panel available, here you will get all the information whatever you want about the suspect’s Facebook account.


So, what are you waiting for? Wanna a stop your kids from getting trapped in any wrong activity or trouble then start using AppTracker today!