Ambient Voice Recording

Ambient Voice Recording

How to use Ambient Voice Recording feature using AppTracker

How interesting it sounds when you are able to listen to the conversation of your friend without him or her knowledge isn’t? But, it is just an imagination in the real world it is not at all possible to listen to another person’s conversation especially when it is done on calls. You can only listen when the person himself or herself tells you or when you are sitting near them. But, as we all know that technology is getting upgraded at a rapid speed you cannot imagine which thing can be developed in a second and make your imagination come true.

How to use Ambient Voice Recording feature using AppTracker
How to use Ambient Voice Recording feature using AppTracker

So, to make the imagination of listening to voice conversation, scientists have developed a new tracking app that is AppTracker that will help you record ambient voice conversation without making the suspect person know about it. Wanna know more about this interesting app? Then read the article till the end.

About best ambient voice recording app – AppTracker

When you are in need to listen to the nearby surrounding of the target device, then you can use this application. The application is considered best due to its excellent performance. The application is used by a large number of people who are in need to record the surrounding voice and conversations. This helps you in finding your lost phone as well as in knowing where the target person is at present.

The application is 100% compatible with all devices and operating systems and it is completely undetectable. It works on stealth mode which means that it works in the background of the device. For using this application, you first have to go to the official website of this app ( and then hit the downloading option. Once your application is downloaded on the target device, start the installation process which will merely take a few minutes.

After the installation process, you have to make a new account using email id and password. Now log in with the account on your device and make a call. If the target person receives your call you can turn on the voice recording feature and you can easily listen to the surrounding voice easily. It is easy to use and install which does not require any special skills and knowledge.

Download AppTracker at:

Benefits of using AppTracker

  • Undetectable– one of the best features of this application is that it is undetectable as it works on stealth mode that is in the background of the device. This will enable the target person to know that he or she is being tracked by you.
  • Compatibility– the application offers 100% compatibility which means that it is compatible with all devices whether it’s iPhone, iPad or Android. You can easily use it on any operating system as well.
  • 24 hours customer support– the application developer’s team is always there to help its users 24 hours. You can anytime ask them if you have any doubt regarding the use and safety of this device.


The application is mainly developed with the aim to provide people ambient voice recording features so that they can listen to the surrounding voice easily and find where the target person is.