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Best Mobile Tracker Free App

Do you know what Free Phone Tracker App is and how it can be used?

Friends, Free Phone Tracker, is a phone tracker app that enables you to trace the location of any individual using his/her phone. Now you might think about why it is required to track a person's phone?

There is an app called AppTracker, which has made this process for you very, very simple, and convenient to use. You don't have to study rocket science to track somebody. Just install this app, and you are done with your job. Now let us tell you something about the AppTracker app.


AppTracker - Free Phone Tracker

AppTracker - Free Phone Tracker
AppTracker - Free Phone Tracker

Friends, AppTracker (App Tracker) enables you to trace your loved ones effortlessly. You can trace any cell phone by just using your mobile phone. With the development of technology, this app allows you to track the phone only on your mobile phone. Other apps are developed for the same purpose, but these apps are not compatible with all the operating systems. But, AppTracker is the program which is compatible running on all kind of operating systems whether it is an Android phone, iPhone, or a Samsung mobile. Now let us tell you the key features of this app.


Why need AppTracker

Besides tracking the location, this app also comes up with various other different features that will leave you mesmerized.

Call History

Friends, besides tracking the location of the device, this app also helps you to get the details of the calls made or calls received from the phone. There is no need for you downloading additional software to avail of this feature. You can do so using the same app. You can easily get the history of the calls on the tracked mobile number within a fraction of seconds.

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Browsing History

This app helps in scrutinizing the browsing history of the tracked phone. From this, you can study and go through the list of items that have been searched, viewed, or browsed on the tracked phone. With this, you can keep an eye on your child's browsing history. Nowadays, there are various contents online that tend to shape the thought process of your child in an unacceptable sequence. Thus in order to protect them from that, this feature will help you in tracking their browsing history.

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Conversation Recording

This app doesn't record phone calls, but it enables you to listen to the conversation of the people who are around the tracked phone. You can listen to the target's personal conversation with the people around him, his friends, colleagues, or whoever it is.

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Instant Messaging Apps

You can track various instant messaging apps on the target phone. You can track all the messages as well as activities such as WhatsApp Tracking, Facebook Tracking, Snapchat Tracking, Gmail Tracking.

Album Tracker

By using this software, you can also track the images of the aimed person. Once the program is downloaded, you can keep a check of the images being sent and received on the targeted phone.

Video Tracker

Friends, besides tracking the images, this app also allows you to track the videos that are being received and sent on the phone. You can access not only the images but also the videos of the selected phone.

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Location Tracker

The main feature of the AppTracker is to know the actual location of the selected person. This is the key feature that has made it very easy for you and for every individual to trace the location of any number from anywhere in the region. Initially, tracking a person's location was very difficult and hard. But with the development of such apps, it has become a cakewalk.

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Other Apps

Dear readers, you can also view the apps that are being installed and uninstalled on their phones. You can check what kind of app the targeted person is Keeping his phone for his/her amusement. You can also uninstall the app if you find it to be hazardous for your child.


This app can be downloaded in any operating system from Android to iPhone. This is the main advantage of using this app. Various other apps provide you with the same features but don't support all the operating systems. So before downloading, you have to make sure whether the app is being supported on your phone or not. AppTracker is such an app that gets supported on all operating systems without any hassle.


Downloading And Installation AppTracker Mobile Tracker Free

AppTracker Mobile Tracker Free
AppTracker Mobile Tracker Free

Dear readers, now we shall guide you on how you can use these simple steps to download this application on your mobile phone.

Step 1: Download

As stated above that the software can run on Android as well as on the iPhone operating system, which you can easily available from anywhere. You can either get it directly from the website at It would be easier to download it from its official website as it will be more trusted and reliable. On the web page of their website, you will find an option of downloading the application.

Click on the downloading option, and the download will start running. You will have to wait for some time until the download is complete. Once the application is downloaded, you have to click on the install button. By clicking on the install button, the application will be ready to use on your phone.

Step 2: Register

Once the application is installed on your phone, the next step will be the registration process. You cannot use the application after installing one until and unless you register on it. For registration, you got to click on the application. Once the application opens, you'll find a registration option. Click on registration to create an account. They will ask you to fill in your basic personal information.

Don't hesitate to fill in your personal details as it will be protected and secured and will not be used by a third party. After filling in the personal information, you are required to sign up with a user ID and a new password. This will be used to login and logout of the application. And here you go. You have created your account on the application without any difficulty.

Step 3: Monitor

After registration on the application, the next main steps are to log in. You are required to enter your user ID and password that you had chosen earlier at the time of registration. Enter the valid ID and password to login into the application at Once this step is done, you are all ready to track the desired phone such as GPS, SMS, Call, IM chats monitor, and more.


The application automatically backs up the other data for your information. Now you can track the call history, browsing history, images and videos, conversation with the third party, incoming and outgoing calls, text and messages, and the current location of the device. You can now trace all this information by just using one app, AppTracker - Phone Tracking Free.