What is AppTracker

Hey friends! Do you know what a phone number tracker is and how it can be used?

Friends, phone number tracker, is a program or software which enables you to trace the location of any individual using his/her phone number. Now you might think about why it is required to track a person’s phone number? Friends, as the result of the development of the technological arena of today’s generation, has also lead to an increase in the number of offences.

AppTracker enables you to trace your loved ones effortlessly. You can trace any phone number by just using your mobile phone. With the development of technology, this app allows you to trace the phone number only on your mobile phone. Other apps are developed for the same purpose, but these apps are not compatible with all the operating systems. But, AppTracker is the program which is compatible running on all kind of operating systems whether it is an Android phone, iPhone or a Samsung mobile. Now let us tell you the key features of this app.

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Features of AppTracker App

Besides tracking the location, this app also comes up with various other different features that will leave you mesmerized.

Steps To Track A Cell Phone

Dear readers, now we shall guide you on how you can use these simple steps to download this application on your mobile phone.

Now every time you log in, you will find a Google map on your screen showing you the current location of the tracked number. The application automatically backs up the other data for your information. Now you can track the call history, browsing history, images and videos, conversation with the third party, incoming and outgoing calls, text and messages, and the current location of the device. You can now trace all this information by just using one app, AppTracker.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is the process of identifying and individual’s personal details via their phone number. They are n number of websites, software, and applications developed, which are both paid and non paid, providing you with the details. With the help of these applications, you can avoid the unnecessary calls that you get from financial institutions, educational institutions, networking, sales calls, etc. These programs are quite easy to use. Initially, this kind of facility was not available for all, but with the growth in need of such requirements, the developers have come up with reverse number lookup services. You can easily verify the identity of a third person using the service.

How It Is Useful

These applications come with various useful features that you can easily avail of and use. Below are mentioned the useful features of reverse phone lookup applications.


Dear readers, you can easily find out the person who had called you without calling them back. Under this, you can open the application, copy-paste the number from which you got the missed call. Turn on your cellular network and click on the search icon. In a few seconds, you will see the result of the person who had called you and from where. The call can either be from your friend, colleague, relative, or a spam call from a call center. Thus you have saved your time by using the application and finding out the identity without any hassle.


Using this, you can also find out the identity of the person who has texted you if you have received the text from an unknown number. Just change the settings from normal text to application text system. With this, you will be able to view the person from whom the text has been sent.


With reverse phone number lookup, you can identify an individual’s identity, such as his name, age, and sex. Get details of his presence on social networking sites. Contact details such as the mobile number and email ID. Access his location with easy steps. Know what kind of business or profession the individual is into.


Know from which region of the state or country you have received the call. You can do this by seeing the initial code of the number. You will easily analyze the code by seeing the number. Once this is done, match the code with the respected state codes, and you will find the address.


The main feature of this kind of application is to help users avoid scam calls. There are various fraudulent that happen over the phone. For example, one day, you will get a call from the bank employee stating that a few terms and conditions of the bank are changing, and you got to submit your bank details to make the changes for updates. Now you will not realize whether the call is from the original employee of the bank or from a fraud person. If you are a businessman, it becomes very much important for you to download such an application to avoid getting into such traps.


Another feature of these apps is to block unwanted calls. As a busy individual, you might get pissed off receiving unwanted calls from the same number repeatedly. What you can do is open the app, open the profile of the number, on the right-hand side, you will find an option of blocking. Click on the blocking button, press yes, and block the person. With this simple and easy step, you can block the number which was constantly disturbing you. Now you won’t receive another call from the same number once blocked. Happy going.


Apart from the blocking feature, there is another feature called mark spam to the calls. In this, an individual after blocking the call will receive another notification for marking the call as spam. Under this, you will see the number of other people who have marked this number as spam. It could be hundreds, two hundred, thousand, fifteen thousand, or more. By marking it as spam will increase the number and will help the other individuals also know that this is a spam caller.

Steps To Track A Phone Number

Dear readers, now we shall guide you on how you can use these simple steps to track a phone number.

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